City College Projects Listing

Project Status
LACC - MLK Library Completed
Science and Technology Building Completed
Maintenance Facilities Completed
Clausen Hall Modernization Completed
Franklin Hall Modernization Completed
Jefferson Hall Modernization Completed
Health, Fitness, PE Building Completed
Parking Structure Completed
Athletic Field Completed
LACC - Child Development Center Completed
Communications Building Completed
Roofing - Chavez, RadTech, Holmes, Theater Completed
Student Lounge Completed
Parking Mitigation - I Pass Completed
Food Lab Upgrade Completed
Chemistry Building Modernization Completed
RWGPL - Site Utilities Infrastructure Completed
RWGPL - Central Plant Completed
LACC Student Union Completed
Life Sciences Modernization Completed
Holmes Hall Modernization Completed
Tennis Courts Completed
Da Vinci Hall In Construction
South Gym Modernization Deferred
M&O Facilities Future
Cesar Chavez - Admin Building Modernization In Design
RWGPL - Landscaping/Hardscape Improvements In DB Procurement
RWGPL - Central Plant Phase II At DSA
Demolition of Men's Gym, Pool, Maint & Misc Bungalows In Cont Procurement
RWGLP-Traffc Mitigation Complete
Emergency Lighting, Fire Alarm, and Security Systems In DB Procurement
Temporary Facilities/3020 Wilshire In Design