Valley College Projects Listing

Project Status
Valley Academic and Cultural Center In Construction
Allied Health & Science Center - Facade In Construction
Campus Center Building - Basement and 1st Floor In Programming
Campus Center - Alpha Data Center Upgrade In Programming
Gym Complex Phase 2 In Construction
Monarch Athletic Center Completed
Campus Infrastructure - Energy Infrastructure and Security System Improvements In Construction
MTA Bus Station Extension Completed
Omega Data Center Completed
Parking Lot D - Stormwater Implementation Completed
Campus-Wide Restrooms Completed
Campus Improvement - Central Plant/Utilities Infrastructure Completed
Campus Improvement - IT Department Completed
LAVC Student Service Center Completed
LAVC Child Development Center Completed
LAVC RWGPL Completed
Library and Learning Resource Center Completed
Allied Health and Sciences Center Completed
Maintenance and Operations, Sheriff Station Completed
Life Sciences Building Completed
Business Journalism Building Completed
Planetarium Building Modernization Completed
Engineering Building Completed
LAVC Math and Science Building Completed
Humanities Building Completed
Foreign Language Building Completed
Behavioral Science Building Completed
Campus Center Building - Phase I Completed
Art Building Completed
LAVC Music Building Completed
Motion Picture Building Completed
Gym Building Completed
Admin Building Completed
Family Resource Center Completed
Theatre Arts Building Completed
Field House Completed
Multi-Purpose Community Services Center Completed
Parking Lots/Internal Roads Completed
LAVC Parking Structure Completed
Monarch Center (Student Union) Completed
Campus-Wide Improvements - Upgrade Complete
Athletic Training Facility-Baseball Stadium Bleacher Complete
Media and Performing Arts Center In Design
Community Workforce Development Center/New Administration Completed
Sustainable Mall Deferred
Campus Center Building - Phase II In Planning
Campus-Wide Improvements - Emergency Lighting, Fire Alarm and Security System Future
Campus-Wide Improvements - Emergency Lighting, Fire Alarm and Security System Future