How does a firm learn about upcoming events and meetings for the Los Angeles Community College District Building Program?

There is a "News & Events" section at the Online Vendor Portal. Check this field often for news and schedules of events.


Our firm submitted a proposal for a specific project at the Online Vendor Portal and the proposal was not received by the PMO. Why was the proposal not received?

There may be several possibilities why a proposal was not received. There are three common reasons why a proposal or bid is not received:

  1. A proposer only clicked on the "Save" button not the "Submit" button when placing an "eBid". Verify, when your firm's proposal or bid is ready to submit, your firm chooses the "Submit" button. Once the proposal or bid is successfully submitted, the firm will receive a confirmation number. Retain this number in your records for proof of submittal.
  2. An additional addendum was issued for the project. Review the additional addendum, edit your firm's bid or proposal, acknowledge the final addendum and re-submit your firm's proposal or bid. A new confirmation number will be issued. Retain this number for your firm's records and proof of submission.
  3. A proposer or bidder attempts to submit a proposal or bid near the closing time for proposals and bids. In this case, traffic at the Online Vendor Portal may be high and the size of files being uploaded may slow the system. Firms are encourage to begin uploading proposals or bids no later than twenty (20) minutes prior to the closing time for the proposal or bid. This will mitigate proposals or bids being rejected as not being completely uploaded prior to the closing time.


During a recent Bid our firm posed multiple questions yet we received a response to only of our questions. How can we receive answers to all our questions?

When asking questions under the "Q&A" tab for a project, enter one question per pop-up window. Although, the PMO will answer multiple questions per pop-up window there are times when multiple questions in a pop-up window may be missed or truncated. Asking one question per pop-up "Q&A" window will insure responses.


Our firm submitted a proposal for a Task Order. We were not notified which company was selected. Why not?

Visit the Online Vendor Portal and check the "Stage" column for the particular project. If an "Award" is made for that project the "Stage" column will indicate "Awarded" in the "Stage" column. To review the "Award" double-click on the project and when the project opens navigate to the "Awarded" tab in the project window. Below the "Award" tab there is a field titled "Award To". This field will indicate a single or multiple award for a specific project. If there are multiple "Awards" click on the "Award To" field and a pop-up window will display with a list of "Awarded" firms.


When I go to the website and open the project there are no documents posted under the "Documents & Attachments" tab and the details are incomplete. How do I find the documents and details for this project?

Please review the column titled "Stage" at http://www.planetbids.com/portal/portal.cfm?CompanyID=21372 for the status of the project. All projects in process will have a green font and will indicate either "Bidding" or "Planning".

All projects indicated as "Bidding" in the "Stage" column will have the details of the project and the relevant documents posted under "Documents & Attachments" tab.

If the project is "Planning" under the "Stage" column then the details and documents are not final. The Program Management Office (PMO) uses this feature on PlanetBids to notify interested parties of upcoming projects. Interested parties then may begin preparing to respond and schedule resources for upcoming projects.

Often, once all project related documents and details are posted at http://www.planetbids.com/portal/portal.cfm?CompanyID=21372, the tender period is compressed. Providing interested parties notice of projects in "Planning" allows them to prepare and present a qualified response for a compressed schedule.


I registered for a project that is Bidding but I am not receiving notifications of Addenda and updates to the Bid. Why?

Verify your email address is current and accurate at the Online Vendor Portal.

Log into your account at http://www.planetbids.com/portal/portal.cfm?CompanyID=21372, and:
1) Navigate to the "Company Info Tab"
2) Scroll to the "Main Contact" fields
3) Review and edit both the "Email" field and "Alternate Email" field for accuracy.

If the email address your firm provided to receive notifications for a specific project is correct and in either one of these fields and that address is not receiving notifications, check to see which email address was used to register for the particular project. The email address used to login and register for the specific project is the email address of record and will receive all notifications for the duration of the project.


Why does my firm need to register by NAICS codes?

All RFB, RFQ, RFP and Task Order requests are created by identifying a NAICS designation. To receive automatic notification of projects of interest to your firm, enter all applicable NAICS codes.


What is a NAICS code?

NAICS stands for North American Industry Classification System and is "the standard used by Federal statistical agencies in classifying business establishments for the purpose of collecting, analyzing, and publishing statistical data related to the U.S. business economy."


I am a contractor. How do I register with the Los Angeles Community College District to receive Bid notifications?

  1. Please visit the Build-LACDD website here: http://build-laccd.org/ and select the "Contracting & Bidding Site" link;
  2. On the next page, please follow the link in the bright yellow banner titled "Online Vendor Portal";
  3. The next page is the Los Angeles Community College District web page hosted by PlanetBids;
  4. Select the “New Vendor Registration” tab and you will navigate to an online form to register your firm;
  5. The form consists of five tabs appearing at the top of the page from left to right;
  6. Complete all required fields in each sheet denoted by a red *;
  7. On the Category/Description tab you may identify your firm's business type by using one of the NAICS codes provided;
  8. In the section titled “Categories” click the "ADD" button;
  9. Highlight each “Category” for which your firm wishes to receive notifications and “Add” them from the left column to the right column.
  10. Once complete, click the ";Register" button on the bottom right hand page.