Project Related Resources

Project Related Resources

BuildLACCD Construction
Safety Contact: Steve Fraser

LACCD Construction Safety

The Program Safety Manager is responsible for the following:

  • Provides general oversight and monitoring of district-wide construction safety programs,
  • Coordinates the orientation of all College Project Team safety staff, and
  • Verifies that Section 013150 (the Build-LACCD Health, Safety, and Environmental Requirements) is implemented and observed

To learn more please visit the Safety Page

Preliminary Notices | Stop Payment Notices | Release of Stop Payment Notices

All Original Preliminary Notices| Stop Payment Notices | Release of Stop Payment Notices should be sent to the below address at the Program Management Office.

BuildLACCD Program Management Office
1055 Corporate Center Drive
Monterey Park, CA. 91754

Attention: Dispute Management Group

Contact :


Owner Controlled Insurance Program (OCIP)

The information presented in this guide is intended to serve as a guide for the administration of the Los Angeles Community College District’s LACCD Owner Controlled Insurance Program for Contractors, Subcontractors, College Project Managers, and others who are part of Build-LACCD. This guide serves as a ready reference tool and every effort has been made to assure accuracy. However, the construction contract documents between the individual Contractor and the District, and the insurance policies are the governing documents defining responsibilities and roles of the various parties. In the event of conflict between this document and the contract documents or the insurance policies, the contracts or policies will govern. This guide is subject to change and reissue as needed to remain concurrent with changes in the program.

OCIP Guide