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The nine colleges in the Los Angeles Community College District serve about 250,000 students annually. Overall, the District covers 882 square miles and serves 36 cities.

The colleges offer low-cost education to a diverse student body. More than 40% of all LACCD students are over age 25 and about 17% are 35 or older. More than 70% of LACCD students are underserved minorities.

The LACCD also is a leader in environmentally responsible construction. Thanks to its $14.9 billion Sustainable Building Program*, LACCD is modernizing its colleges and building more than 40 new structures District-wide that will meet LEED™ (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) standards. In addition, the LACCD is generating solar power on its campuses and taking other steps to reduce the colleges’ carbon footprint.

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The $14.9 billion largely comes from four voter-approved bond measures: 2001 (Proposition A: $1.245 billion), 2003 (Proposition AA: $980 million) 2008 (Measure J: $3.5 billion), and 2016 (Measure CC: $3.3 billion), and 2022 (Measure LA: $5.3 billion).

Program Timeline


Proposition A was passed by the voters of Los Angeles to provide $1.2 Billion to address the most critical and urgent repairs at LACCD’s nine colleges.


Proposition AA was passed by the voters of Los Angeles to provide $980 Million for the renovation and replacement of aging facilities and construction of new facilities at LACCD’s nine colleges.


Measure J was approved by LA voters to provide
$3.5 Billion to continue to address the facilities needs of the District and its nine colleges.


Measure CC was approved by LA Voters to provide $3.3 Billion to address security and technology needs, and to repair or replace outdated classrooms, science labs and critical infrastructure.


Measure LA was approved by LA Voters to provide $5.3 Billion to improve infrastructure, athletic fields, technology, and pre-1970s buildings.

Total Investment of $14.9B

The total investment approved by LA voters is $14.9 Billion to provide state-of-the-art learning environments at each of LACCD’s nine colleges to prepare today’s students for tomorrow’s jobs. In addition, the communities each LACCD college serves will benefit with improved and accessible multi-purpose facilities and athletic fields for recreational and competitive play.