West LA College

Watson Center 2
Science and Math Building
General Classroom Building
Student Services Building
Technology Learning Center
South Parking Structure

Plant Facilities & Physical Plant Shops

​West Los Angeles College is aiming to transform the campus into a state of the art 21st century educational institution. The goals of WLAC’s construction program are to provide facilities that support and enhance the Educational Master Plan, improve outdoor gathering spaces, increase green space, enhance pedestrian access, remove vehicular traffic from the center of Campus, incorporate flexible teaching spaces and establish enhanced infrastructure and technologies for the future. Some of the most notable examples of facilities supporting WLAC’s Educational Master Plan are the Science and Math Building with its accredited state of the art dental hygiene program, the new General Classroom and Student Services buildings, new parking structure, the pedestrian mall, and the new entrance to the campus via College Boulevard – a half-mile avenue connecting the campus to Jefferson Boulevard.