Districtwide Program

Measure CC has set aside $1 billion to address gaps in the technology, security systems, ADA accessibility, replace critical infrastructure and improve energy efficiency across all nine colleges. The program will prioritize projects that address regulatory requirements and improve efficiencies.

ADA Accessibility

LACCD is committed to service all students of all abilities. Measure CC allocates dollars to focus on removing building access barriers, providing access to classrooms through the installation of elevators, ramps or lifts, and upgrading restroom accessibility.

Storm Water

To meet current and upcoming regulations, Measure CC provides a multi-prong approach to storm water capture, retention and release. Projects will be tailored to meet the individual above and below-ground conditions, site constraints and optimize opportunities to beautify the campus by using green solutions.

Safety and Security

The safety of all students, faculty and staff is very important to LACCD. Measure CC sets aside dollars to address both natural and man-made emergencies. Projects include installation of shelter-in-place door hardware in classrooms, mass notification technology, and adds electronic building access control and security cameras.


LACCD is committed to serve as a leader on how we teach and what we teach. Up-to-date Smart Classroom Technology, Wireless Network Compatibility and Cyber Security is critical to student success. Measure CC projects will address hardware and software gaps and enhance systems to ensure connectivity and state-of-the-art learning environments.

Featured Projects

ADA Accessibility

ELAC Theater Building - Ingalls Auditorium

This project will address gaps in ADA compliance in the 58 year-old building. Improvements include door hardware, physical accessibility improvements throughout the 3-story building and restroom upgrades to better serve all users. Lighting enhancement and Audio Visual upgrades are also part of the project.


Classroom Door Hardware Upgrade

The project will replace classroom door hardware throughout the District with locks that easily lock from the inside of the classroom allowing faculty and students to shelter-in-place in the event of emergency. These locks are equipped with an indicator which easily identifies whether the doors are locked or not.

Security Camera Upgrade

The project will standardize security cameras and ensure adequate coverage at all nine Colleges to support staff and student safety, deters violence and theft, minimize vandalism and costly repairs and allow for efficient incident investigation.

Storm Water

LA Harbor College - Stormwater Basin Retention and Bio-filtration

Over several sites on the College campus, the project installed and connected infiltrations tanks to a retention basin for stormwater capture. The project incorporated natural landscape and softscape to enhance the College campus.