Andra Hoffman

Seat No. 1

Andra Hoffman was elected to the Board of Trustees in March of 2015. For nearly twenty years, Ms. Hoffman has been at Glendale Community College where she runs the Job Placement Center and is responsible for placing students in jobs and internships, both on and off campus. Previously she served as Director of Government and Community Relations for the college and continues to bring students, faculty and staff to Sacramento to lobby the legislature and teach students how to advocate for more resources for higher education. She began her career at Glendale College running AmeriCorps programs focused on Early Childhood, Welfare-to-Work, and Teacher Preparation and Training. She also serves as an adjunct professor of California and American Government. Her early career was in the non-profit sector where she worked for Free Arts for Abused Children, an organization dedicated to serving abused and neglected children through art. She also worked for the San Fernando Valley Girl Scout Council where she served as the Community Outreach Director, as a grant writer and placed volunteer leaders to form troops for girls in homeless shelters and housing projects in the East San Fernando Valley. Ms. Hoffman attended Los Angeles Valley College, received her bachelor’s degree in Liberal Studies from Antioch University, and has a master’s degree in Public Administration from California State University, Northridge. She lives in Encino and has two grown children.